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Located in the heart of Brussels, the Art et marges museum is dedicated to ‘art brut’ or ‘outsider art’.

Its collection was built up from the mid-1980s with artworks from self-taught artists and artistic workshops for the mentally disabled and the psychologically fragile. It now comprises over 4,500 international works produced outside the established contemporary art circuit.

Its temporary exhibitions bring together artists from both sides of the fringe, questioning the boundaries of art and its very definition.


On the occasion of the museum’s 10-year anniversary, the CFC editions are publishing the Art et marges museum publication, which highlights the museum's collection and its artists. This book brings together about two hundred works of outsider art from the collection, which includes a total of more than 4000. It presents astounding creations designed by self-taught artists with a unique mode of expression and great inventiveness, contextualized by those who made and still shape the Art et marges museum to this day. Hear about the tale of the museum through a back and forth between theoretical texts, interviews and anecdotes…

Click here to see all the books published by the Art et marges museum (available at the museum reception, not online).



An idea takes shape, a natural child of the surrealist movement. Its name is Art en Marge.


From the idea to its realization, Art en Marge, Research and Diffusion Center, was created as a non-profit association under the artistic direction of Françoise Henrion.


Art en marge moves to 7, rue des Vierges, 1000 Brussels, and organizes its first exhibitions, accompanied by bulletins containing texts, interviews, portraits of artists and reproductions of works.

Gérard Preszow also initiated and coordinated the "Passages" magazine, intended to reflect on the space's research.


Art en Marge moved to n° 59 rue des Alexiens. Fate had us settle in next to La Fleur en Papier Doré, a café owned by “Le Petit Gérard”, the anarchist, poet and friend of the Belgian surrealists. There one came across Marcel Mariën, René Magritte, E.L.T. Mesen, Louis Scutenaire, Paul Colinet, and Jean Dubuffet, the father of Art Brut, who exhibited at Gérard Van Bruaene's in 1949.


Art en Marge celebrated its first 10 years with 10 exhibitions.On the occasion of this anniversary the fourth issue of Passages was published. It was titled “An Object, Just an Object, However…”, written by Gérard Preszow.


At age 15, Art en Marge moved to n°312, rue Haute.


Carine Fol takes over the artistic direction of the center after the retirement of Françoise Henrion. Art en Marge is organizing "Kanttekening - autour de la marge" as part of Bruges 2002, European Cultural Capital. The project consists of a workshop followed by an exhibition bringing together pairs of in- and outsider artists.


Publication of the catalogue “Art en Marge Collection” and organization of an international colloquium at the Museum of Doctor Guislain in Ghent, on the occasion of the presentation of the collection which will then be presented at the Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris.


For the 175 anniversary of Belgium, “Visions singulières” is exhibited in Bozar, the Fine Arts Palace in Brussels, in parallel with the exhibition “The visionary Belgium” of Harald Szeemann.


Art en Marge is celebrating its 20th year of existence. The program that was designed for this 20th jubilee is titled "art in the edges". It wants to question the limits of outsider art by presenting contemporary creations of belgian and international artists who work in varied disciplines such as textile, photography, video, music... Organization of the "20+20" project, presenting 20 works from the Art en Marge collection in 20 Belgian museums.


The association Art en Marge becomes the Art et marges musem by the recognition of la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles. Its missions become mainly conservation, diffusion, education and research. The space is growing and allows the development of the museum's activities


Exchange project as part of Pécs 2010. Belgian, Hungarian and Dutch artists gather for a 10-day workshop in Pécs. Project created in 2008 by invitation of COCOF under the bilateral agreement with Hungary, in collaboration with vzw Wit.h, stichtingEenNieuwe Wind, Pécs 2010, Janus Panonius Museum.


Tatiana Veress succeeds Carine Fol at the direction of Art et marges museum. Art et marges museum gets the Children's Award as part of the Museum Awards.


Art et marges museum gets the Audience Award as part of the Museum Awards.


Art et marges museum celebrates its 5 years on the occasion of a festive day when visitors and artists are invited to create together, in the presence of JoëlleMilquet, Minister of Culture for the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Karine Lalieux, Councilwoman of Culture in Brussels, and also of the two previous directors, Carine Fol and Françoise Henrion. Art et marges museum and the RAWR! Collective won the Audience Award and the Jury Prize for their programming at the 2014 edition of the Museum Night Fever.


Carine Fol publishes "From the art of the mad to the art without margins. A century of fascination through the eyes of Hans Prinzhorn, Jean Dubuffet and Harald Szeeman" which stems from her doctoral thesis in art history.


With the Cultural Center Jacques Franck and wit.h, Art et marges museum launches the first edition of the multidisciplinary festival Multi Ordinary.


The Art et marges museum celebrates its 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion, it is bringing its artists to the fore in "Art et marges museum", a book published by CFC, and is organizing the "Embrasez-vous" exhibition, inviting artists close to the museum to create dialogues highlighting a selection of works from the collection.


The collection of Art et marges museum contains more than 4500 artworks from nearly 200 artists of all nationalities.

Here is an overview of the collection. This section is regularly updated.